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Home Buyer Mistakes “Do and Don't”

Your Near Future Unclear

Do not buy a house if your near future is not very clear or unsecured. For example, "you might change location for jobs or any other reasons or your job is not secure".

Over buy

Try to avoid trapping yourself in the high monthly payment by buying an expensive house and try to stay in the same limit you have been advised by your mortgage broker for your convenience.

Miscalculation Add Cost

Ask your realtor and your mortgage broker about the average living cost as insurance, property tax, utility, etc. just to ensure you have a comfortable life and you are not exaggerating to pay your monthly bills.

Do not neglect to Confirm Everything in Writing!

Make sure to mention to your realtor everything you are interested in having in the house so that it can be drafted in the purchase contract.

Relying on Your Knowledge

Do not rely on your knowledge or family- friend's knowledge. No matter how much you know about real estate you may still be short in some areas and in current market pricing and analyzes. A professional realtor is needed to help you in one of the most expensive purchases in your life and to know how to negotiate for you.

Skipping Inspection

You choose a house that catches your eye and you think it's a great home and nothing is wrong with it. But you need a professional eye (Inspector) to scan the house for you to tell you of the hidden points you do not see, this might save you thousands!

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